Kish Village

Visited the Taza Bazaar in the morning, prayed the Jummah prayer at Juma Masjid in Sheki, it was very close to Central hostel.

Local people shop at Taza bazaar and almost all the marshrutkas stop at Taza Bazaar. For lunch I went to Serin resturant to try Piti, it reminded me of Dizi (Abgoosht) which I ate in Shiraz, Iran.

Took the marshrutka no. 15 from Taza bazaar to go to Kish, a small village on the footsteps of mountains. I felt frequency of marshrutka no. 15 was less than other routes.

Reached Kish village in 20 minutes, walked from the marshrutka stand in Kish to Christian Albanian church. It is a very old church, when I reached there a large group of tourists from Israel just arrived there.

After some time I walked back to marshrutka stand to catch the marshrutka 15, the scenery around the village is beautiful and the air is very refreshing.

Reached hostel around 6PM, went to Ukranaya Chaikhana, drank couple of glass of tea, ate some food and called it a day.

Some of the photos that I took that day