Here are some of my weekend hacks 👨‍💻 ...

A MEAN stack application for managing bookmarks linkository
Leave The Marks

Everyone has a story to tell. Leave the marks is a collection of a few great stories. Created using Node, Express and MongoDB
Stand Against Porn

Porn is one of the big problem of the society, stand-against-porn provides some insights on Porn
Punjab is Dying

Punjab, a beautiful state which is dying a slow death, created Punjab is dying for awareness
Before you die...

So what you wanna do before you die.
Sami Yusuf

Sami Yusuf's timeline.
Dev Myths

Debunking some of the myths regarding developers and programmers. devmyths

For Bangalore's awesome AngularJS community ng-bangalore
Bosnian War

One of the worst war in the history bosnian war