Heydar Mosque, Baku

Got up early in morning, got ready, walked to my favourite Ukranaya Chaikhana , sipped some tea and came back to hostel.

Packed my bags, checked out from hostel, walked to Sheki Bus station, bought the bus ticket from Sheki to Baku for 11 AZN. Bought some snacks from a shop inside the Sheki bus station, also bought Pakhlawa, it was very good, it had 8 layers and a lot of walnuts.

The bus was comfortable and there were a lot of empty seats, I took the window one. The bus left Sheki around 8:35 AM, it stopped for a 15 minute break in between, the bus reached Baku Internation Bus station at 1:45 PM.

Walked to Autovagzal metro station, changed the metro at Memar Ajami metro station, took the green line to 28 May metro station and from there red line to Sahil metro station. Checked-in to Sahil hostel, I was hungry, ate some food and took rest.

In evening I went to visit the beautiful Hyder Masjid near Nasimi metro station. Prayed the Isha prayer at the Hyder Masjid, definitely one of the most beautiful mosque. Came back to hostel, ate some food and went to bed.

Some of the photos that I took that day