Ran 10 KM with Baku Runners Group on Sunday morning, Baku

It was Sunday morning, I went to run 10 KM with Baku Runners along the Baku Boulevard. They run on every Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday

Walked to Coffie Moffie, met the Baku Runners group there, we started our run around 10:10 AM, running along the Baku Boulevard, it was quite hot. Overall a very good experience, 4 members ran 15KM, I just ran 10 KM and came back to Coffie Moffie shop.

Other members shortly joined after their run, drank a tea at Coffie Moffie (some people drink tea at a coffee shop, include me in that). We talked for some time, then everyone left. Came back to hostel, ate food and took rest.

Some of the photos that I took that day