Xanbulan Lake inside Hirkan National Park

In the morning after eating Pomidor Yumurta and sipping some tea at Xan Chaikhana Kafe, I caught a marshrutka to Hirkan from Boyuk Bazaar Autostansiyasi. After getting down at Hirkan town, I walked to the Hirkan National Park, its quite a large park, I wanted to visit Xanbulan Lake with Talysh mountains in the back.

Walked around 3-4 kilometers asking local people for directions in between, it was an asphalt road to Xanbulan lake.

It was a great feeling to finally see the lake from the above, walked down to the lake using stairs, it was a beautiful scenery. Drank a tea, couple of families were also there visiting and resting at the lake side.

As I was walking inside the Hirkan park towards the place with heart symbol, I nearly escaped a snake. There are trail and hiking opportunities in Hirkan National Park, but its beter to do it in a group, yoi might get lost or encounter a dangerous animal.

I was surprised when I was asked to pay 10 AZN for the tea, some kishmish and nuts. at the end paid him 4 AZN, also I was getting on the main road from the lake, I was asked to pay 2 AZN for the ticket to Hirkan National Park, paid him and he gave me a ticket.

Walked back to the Hirkan town using the same way which I used while entering. On my way back weather was cloudy, I enjoyed my walk and the views of Xanbulan Lake. Took the marshrutka from Hirkan town to Boyuk bazaar in Lankaran, prayed the friday prayer at Boyuk bazaar mosque, ate Dolma at Xan Chaikhana in afternoon.

Took rest and in evening I visited the Haji Aslanov house museum, most of the notes were in Azerbaijani and Russian language. What I understood is Haji Aslanov took part in many battles and places like Leningrad, Stalingrad, Minsk and Odessa. He was awarded two times for his contributions by the Red Army.

Some of the photos that I took that day