Sheki Khan's Palace, Sheki

Got up early, got ready, checked out of the VM hostel, caught the marshrutka no. 17 from just outside the VM hostel.

Got down from the marshrutka at the Ganja International Bus station, as I was walking towards the bus station, saw a marshrutka going to Sheki, fortunately there was a seat, so the driver threw my backpack at the back and I got a seat.

Paid 5 AZN to driver for the ride to Sheki, he stopped in between for a 10 minute break. I reached Sheki Bus station around 11:50 AM, walked to the Central Hostel from the bus station. Hostel check-in was from 1 PM, so I kept my backpack and head out in search of something to eat, ate a Beef döner at a nearby shop and then checked-in to the hostel.

After taking some rest and getting ready I went out to visit some of the historical sites in the Sheki city. It was an uphill walk from the Central hostel to Sheki Khan's palace, walked around the old streets. I did not visit Sheki Khan's palace and Shekinova's palace from inside.

I enjoyed walking around the alleys of Sheki, also saw the beautiful and famous Karavansarai, I saw many of them when I was in Iran, but this one was definitely a bit different.

On my way back to hostel, I found out one Chaikhana with the name Ukranaya Chaikhana, there are many chaikhana in Sheki city. Sipped a lot of tea and called it a day.

Some of the photos that I took that day