Boyuk Bazaar Mosque, Lankaran

Got up early, got ready, checked out of hostel, took the metro to reach Baku International Bus station. Took the ticket for 8 AM bus to Lankaran for 9.5 AZN, the minibus stopped in between for 15 minutes for a break, reached Lankaran around 11:30 AM.

Booked a Bolt for 1 AZN to the hostel, the hostel was located at a corner of Boyuk Bazaar, Lankaran's main bazaar. The hostel was run by an old man and his family, checked-in to the hostel. After taking some rest went out to visit the bazaar and eat some food. Found a Chaikhana, drank a tea, next found a restaurant, ate Juje(Chicken) Plov.

Prayed the afternoon prayer at the very old and beautiful Boyuk Bazaar Mosque. Lankaran is famous for its tea and rice production. Next walked to the park near city center square, visited Khan's Palace, there were photos and memories of Haji Aslanov in the museum. It was good to see Soviet currency, soviet passport and medals at the Khan's Palace museum but the staff didn't allow me to take a photo of that.

Then I walked to Khojaly Genocide Memorial and the Haji Aslanov park, there is a big statue of Haji Aslanov in the park. The Lankaran railway station was nearby so I walked to Lankaran railway station and the nearby Lighthouse, after some time I walked back to hostel.

Slept for some time, in evening I bought some fruits from bazaar, drank a tea, bought some items from nearby AL market and called it a day.

Some of the photos that I took that day