Chaikhana in Astara near the Azerbaijan-Iran Border

In the morning after getting ready, went to Xan Chaikhana in the Boyuk Bazaar, ate Pomidor Yumurta in breakfast, it was good, sipped some tea.

Caught a marshrutka just outside the Xan Chaikhana to Astara for 1 AZN, it took around 70 minutes to reach Astara from Lankaran. Walked around the Hyder Aliyev Park in Astara, then walked to the nearby Azerbaijan-Iran border, just wanted to see the border, one police officer asked me to show my passport.

Drank a tea at a nearby shop and then walked to Astara Boulevard along the Caspian sea. Then I took a marshrutka from Astara to Archivan, visited Yanar Bulaq a water fountain which can be flammed. Looks like the water have gas in it, a local person gave me a matchbox to try flamming the water.

It was quite windy and I wasted 5-6 match stick and finally I could set flame to water. The trick was to immediately bring the burning match stick to water, seeing the flames in water was a truly a different experience. There was a World War II statue nearby Yanar Bulaq, I walked to it.

Then I took one of the marshrutka going to Lankaran, reached hostel and took rest. In evening I went to see the Old Prison in Lankaran, where Stalin was kept for some time. But it was closed due to restoration work, nearby there was house museum of Haji Aslanov but as I reached the staff was closing it for the day.

Some of the photos that I took that day