In morning I took the Baku metro to reach Baku International bus station, I wanted to catch the 9:50 AM bus from Baku to Sheki.

There was a lot of crowd at 28 May Metro station, reached Baku International Bus station 50 minutes before bus departure, bought the bus ticket for 10.6 AZN.

Reached Sheki around 3 PM, checked-in to Central Hostel, the same hostel where I stayed for 2 nights, a few days before. Went to my favourite Ukranaya Chaikhana, sipped some tea and ate at Serin restaurant.

It was raining in Sheki and weather was cloudy, all the clouds were just resting on top of the mountains. Drank some more tea in the evening, came back to my hostel and took rest.

Some of the photos that I took that day