Juma Mosque, Guba

Got up early in morning, got ready, took the metro to reach Baku International Bus station. Bought a ticket to Quba for 5 AZN from the ticket counter at 3rd floor. The minibus was scheduled to depart at 8:50 AM, sipped some tea and ate a Chicken döner from the shop near the bus departures.

There wer other buses also, for Qusar and Khudat. The minibus for Guba passed through Sumqayit along the Caspian sea. The minibus reached Guba Bus station in 2 hours, so I had good amount of time to explore Guba. I took a taxi for 2 AZN from Guba Autovagzal to Shahidlar Xiyabani, it was a cemtery for people died in war. Nearby there was a Shisha shop named Lazzat, drank a tea there and charged my mobile.

Then I walked to Red Village crossing the bridge over Gudiyalchay river, Red village which is called Kirmizi Kaseba in azerbaijani or Krasnaya Sloboda in russian is home to Jewish community. In old times mountain Jews used to live here, many of the houses are build with red bricks. As I was walking in the Red village, I saw very less people outside and it seemed quite empty to me.

I wanted to visit the mountain jew museum to know the history, but Police officers outside the museum told me its closed. But I felt that it was not closed and the police officers didn't want me to visit the museum.

There were two synagogue in the town, one of them had 6 gumbuz. I heard some of the local people talking there and there language was different than Azerbaijani. There was an Old Bridge over Gudiyalchay river and its still there. I walked back from the red village towards city center, sipped a tea at a tea shop around square. Then walked to bazaar of Guba, ate fresh Qutab there, also got two Qutabs packed, also tried some halwa there.

Next I booked a Bolt ride to reach the very old and beautiful Juma Mosque of Guba, prayed at the mosque. After that I booked another Bolt ride to reach 1918 Azerbaijani Genocide Memorial in Quba, spent some time inside the Memorial complex. Guba is an old town with lot of history. I took a taxi to reach Guba Autovagzal, I had to catch the last bus from Guba to Baku.

Bought the ticket for 5 AZN, the minibus departed at 4:50 PM and it reached Baku International Bus station at 7 PM, the minibus stopped in between for 10 minutes. Took the metro from Autovagzal metro station to reach my hostel.

Some of the photos that I took that day