Kayaking in Hatta

Next day I planned to go to Hatta (previously an Omani territory, its ownership was transferred to Dubai in or around 1850). The UAE-Oman border is just 10 KM from Hatta city and many people cross to either side using Hatta Border Crossing.

In morning after getting ready, took the metro to Dubai Mall, next took the F13 bus which dropped me at Dubai Mall Bus station. There are many buses which either have stop or start from Dubai Mall Bus station, Hatta Express (a direct bus to Hatta from Dubai) departs from Dubai Mall bus station.

After waiting for some time, Hatta Express bus arrived, the bus departed from Dubai Mall at 11 AM. Reached Hatta Bus station around 1 PM, from Hatta Bus station took the H04 bus to Hatta Dam. The H04 bus stops at Hatta Wadi Hub, Hatta Dam, Leem Lake and Hatta Bus station.

Did Kayaking at Hatta Dam for 40 minutes, 60 AED for one person kayak for unlimited time, it was a very good experience.

From Hatta Dam I took the bus to Hatta Wadi Hub, I wanted to do the hike to Hatta signage in Al Hajar Mountains. It was a short hike, took me around 40 minutes to reach to the Hatta sign, Sun was setting down, while going down I used the track for bikes.

Took the H04 bus from Hatta Wadi Hub to reach Hatta Bus station, Hatta Express Bus arrived at 7:30 PM and departed from Hatta Bus station at 8PM for Dubai. Reached Dubai Mall at 10 PM, took the metro to reach hostel.

Some of the photos that I took that day