Dubai Mall

I already registered to run in Dubai Run, but I was not feeling well So I didn't run in Dubai Run. I visited Dubai Mall in the morning, prayed at a mosque inside Dubai Mall. Dubai Metro is quite good, and great thing is it runs till midnight and starts early in morning, so you can rely on it and mostly avoid expensive taxis.

In afternoon it was quite hot, so I went back to my hostel had lunch and took rest. I was taking medicines for my fever, I was getting recurrent fever. In evening I went to Bur Dubai, prayed at Bur Dubai Grand Mosque.

On my return from Bur Dubai, met a scam, one person stopped me and suggested me I should use Blackseed oil on my head. At first it looked like he was trying to help me, I listened to him for few seconds and started to move on my way, I didn't feel anything fishy till now. But then he told me that I won't able to remember the names of ingredients and suggested me to note down. I said I would remember it and as I was moving, he told me I can get the ingredients at the nearby Baqala store. I said OK and started moving, then a second person appeared as we were talking, I could smell something is fishy here. I immediately checked my pockets. After that I just started moving without listening to them. Later when I searched online for Blackseed oil scam in Dubai, its one of the very popular scam in Dubai.

Some of the photos that I took that day