Saying goodbye to Moscow, it was drizzling in morning

Woke up, drank a coffee, prepared my bags as I had to catch the Air Arabia flight from Domodedovo Airport to Sharjah. Got ready, walked to the Minimarket near the hostel, bought some food items, went back to hostel ate it and drank a tea.

Quickly packed my bags and checked out of hostel. It was drizzling in the morning, walked to the Paveletsky railway station, bought the Airport express train ticket for 500 roubles to Domodedovo Airport.

Reached airport in an hour, got my boarding pass, passport control was swift, waited for the boarding to start, meanwhile I updated the notes of my journey. Flight was late by half an hour, boarded the plane.

Reached Sharjah in night, waited couple of hours for my next flight to Delhi. Boarded the flight to Delhi, there were lot of people from Kashmir, they were coming from Iran after completeting their Ziyarat in Syria, Iraq and Iran. Reached Delhi in early morning.

Some of the photos that I took before saying goodbye to Moscow