Europe Asia Border, Yekaterinburg

Reached Yekaterinburg Vokzal at 13:00 , booked a yandex to my hostel, checked in. After getting ready went outside to see the city. First I exchanged 100 USD to 8950 roubles from nearby Sberbank.

Next I went to see the sign mark on the outskirts of the Yekaterinburg city, which marks the separation of Europe and Asia continents (not sure how accurate it is). Reaching there was a bit of task, I had to catch the Marshrutka 043, one young man helped me to reach the Kommunarov square which is one of the stop for the 043 Marshrutka. Got into Marshrutka 043 at Kommunarov square, it took 25 minutes and I paid 100 roubles.

Also from there getting to the city is also a bit of task, since the sign mark is on the highway and there is no way to get to the other side of the road, I walked around 2 KM to pass to the other side of the road, and after waiting for sometime got into the same 043 Marshrutka and got down at Vokzal. Found a shop just on the left side of the Vokzal, the shopkeeper was from Azerbaijan, ate Shwarma & Pulov and sipped some tea. Came back to hostel and went to sleep.

Some of the photos that I took that day