Vladivostok Railway Station

Reached Vladivostok railway station early morning, booked a yandex to the hostel. Receptionist at the hostel asked me to wait for some time, till someone checkout. After waiting for sometime, I thought it's better to use the time and get ready and clean myself, I checked in later. I had to collect my starter pack for Vladivostok International Marathon VII, I was running 10 KM.

So I first went to collect that, the distribution was in a Mall at Svetlanskaya street 45, my hostel was on Svetlanskaya street 33, very near to the distribution location. Spent some time around the Central Sqaure, a beautiful place. It was Friday, wanted to go to mosque to pray Jummah prayer but I couldn't find any mosque nearby.

Public transportation in the city is good, lot of Buses and Marshrutkas. The traffic in Vladivostok city is painful, specifically in evenings, I felt that the number of Cars on the streets are too much and people parking vehicles carelessly. I was hungry but it took me some effort to find halal food, found a small market, there were lot of Uzbek shopkeepers, I ate Pulov and got a box of Manti packed. Came back to hostel, slept for some time.

In evening went to Park Pebody (Victory Park), there is a T-34 tank. While coming back, traffic was very bad, I wanted to go to the lighthouse but it got dark. In night ate Manti which I got packed in afternoon. Went to sleep, I had to run next morning.

Some of the photos that I took in Vladivostok