Mosque on the Frunze Street, Novosibirsk

In morning drank some tea, as the train enters into the Novosibirsk city, it passes over a long bridge over Ob river. Train reached Novosibirsk on time at 11:47 AM, No Bears hostel was just 12 minutes walk from the Novosibirsk Vokzal. Walked to the hostel and checked in.

It was Friday, I quickly took a bath, booked a Yandex and went to pray the Jummah at the nearby mosque on the Frunze Street. Thankfully I was not late and prayed peacefully, ate Pulov. The mosque where I prayed was quite old but probably renovated recently. Also got one Pulov packed, walked back to the hostel. Took some rest, and walked to Vokzal to catch Minibus number 2 to Novosibirsk Zoo Park.

Ticket for the zoo was for 500 roubles, spent around 3 hours at the zoo. Really beautiful zoo with so many different animals. Saw Amur Leopard, Bengal Tiger, Polar bear, Siberian Ibex, Flamingos, Mountain Goat, Arctic Wolf, North American Wolf, Hudson Bay Wolf, Arctic Fox, Fishing Cat, Himalayan Fahr, Naughty Dusky leaf monkeys, Diana Monkeys and many other.

On my way back to hostel, I waited for the Minibus for sometime then I booked a Yandex to hostel. Quickly packed my bags, checked out of the hostel and walked to Vokzal. Got some Samsa, Manti and water bottles for my journey to Irkutsk. Train 070 was on track 3, the train was coming from Moscow and going to Chita. Boarded the train, ate some food and went to sleep.

Some of the photos that I took in Novosibirsk