Saint Basil Cathedral, Red Square, Moscow

Had a very good sleep last night, woke up early as I had to catch the Sapsan (сапсан) train from St. Petersburg to Moscow. After getting ready, made some coffee, checked out of hostel and walked to Moskovkie Vokzal in St. Petersburg. Boarded the train, I had a window seat in trains moving direction👍. The max speed of the Sapsan train was 200KMPH.

The train had 3-4 stops of 1 minute each, before arriving to Leningradskiy Vokzal in Moscow. I had booked my stay at Qube Capsule hotel, took the metro to reach Paveletskaya, walked to the hotel only to know that they won't allow foreigners to check in. I had already asked them before If they will allow me to check in, and they said yes, but they later refused it, stating orders from ministry.

But the receptionist told me that I can go to a nearby hostel InterQube and they will allow me to check in. I booked a Yandex Go, and checked in to InterQube hostel.

After getting freshen up, I went to the nearby mosque prayed there and ate Samsa, the shop owner was Uzbek. In the mosque compound, there were people from Central Asia and other Muslims from Russia. After spedning some time there, I headed to see the Red Square. Took the metro to Okhotny Ryad, walked to the Red Square.

It was good to see the Red Square, a place I had seen so many times only in photos/videos. Spent some time in Gum mall and walking around red square. After spending some time, came back to my hostel, prayed at the nearby mosque, ate Chicken and Beef Samsa with a tea and a coffee.

At night I had to catch a train from Moscow to Kazan, so took a metro to Kazansky railway station, boarded the train. A girl in the compartment gave me Churchkhela to eat.

Some of the photos that I took that day