Irkutsk Babr

Got up in morning just 15 minutes before Irkutsk station. Walked to the hostel, 10 minutes walk from Irkutsk Vokzal. Checked into the hostel, after getting freshen up, charged my mobile.

I wanted to go to Listvyanka, a small town on the shore of the beautiful lake Baikal. Took the tram number 1 for 25 roubles from outside the hostel, got down at the central market. First ate some food and drank some tea at a Uzbek shop in the central market. Took the Marshrutka to Listvyanka for 200 roubles, reached Listvyanka after an hour.

Walked on the pathway along the lake Baikal, really a beautiful lake. Drank a coffee, took a ferry ride in lake Baikal for 500 roubles. The beautiful lake Baikal really exceeded my expectations. Bought a souvenir, ate Shashlik (Lyula Kebab) and drank a coffee at a Uzbek restaurant. I met many Uzbeks in Irkutsk, in the hostel I was staying there were Uzbeks, one of them told me he works in Gold mines far from Irkutsk. After spending around 3 hours in Listvyanka, got into the Marshrutka for Irkutsk.

Next saw couple of places in the city and the Angara river. Came back to the hostel, took some rest. Packed my bags, walked towards the Irkutsk Vokzal, there was Stolovaya, had my dinner there. Went to the Vokzal, waited for some time, Rossiya train 2 arrived at track number 3, boarded the train. Ate some of the food parcels that I got packed from the central market in the evening and went to sleep. I had to wake up early, as my station Ulan-Ude would come by 5:55 AM

Some of the photos that I took that day