Outside Komsomolskaya Metro Station, Moscow

Exchanged INR to 650 USD at the Delhi IGI airport, in evening I took the flight from Delhi to Sharjah, reached Sharjah in night, the connecting flight to Moscow was in morning next day. One amazing thing was the pilots and crew members of Air Arabia flight from Sharjah to Moscow, all were from different countries and a quite interesting combination Sri Lanka, Tunisia, India, China, Phillipines, Uzbekistan.

I reached Domodedovo airport in afternoon, but the Immigration officers held me and many other people for 2-3 hours and after checking all the documents and our phones, they allowed me to enter.

Exchanged 40 USD to Roubles at the airport. Took the Airport express metro for 500 roubles to the moscow city. The airport express metro comes to Paveletsky railway station, took a MTS sim from outside Paveletsky railway station for 650 roubles.

I had to catch a train to St. Petersburg at night from Leningradsky railway station, rather than going to hostel I decided to go directly to Leningradsky railway station. Bought a Troika metro card from Paveletskaya metro station, and took the metro to Komsomolskaya (nearest metro to Leningradsky, Kazansky and Yaroslavsky railway station). Ate some food and waited for the train. Boarded the Krasnaya Strela (Red Arrow) train to St. Petersburg and went to sleep.

Some of the photos that I took that day