Burana Tower

Next day I went to see the Burana Tower. So after getting ready, I first went for the breakfast in a local restaurant. I ate Mastawa which is a Soup having Meat(the one I ate had beef), Onions, Garlic, Tomatoes, Potatoes, Rice. It was very good, I liked it.


Now I was ready to hit the road, to go to Burana Tower, I had to catch the Mashrutka 353 to Tokmok, which departs from Bishkek East Bus station. So I first went to Bishkek East Bus station, one Mashrutka for Tokmok was ready to leave, I got into that, 80 som for Tokmok.

Mashrutka 353 , Bishkek-Tokmok-Bishkek

After an hour the Mashrutka dropped me at Tokmok bus station, the taxi drivers at the bus station were shouting Burana Burana ... I paid 300 som to the taxi driver, to take me to Burana Tower, wait 1 hour there and then drop me back to Tokmok Bus station. Burana Tower is around 12 KM from the Tokmok bus station. Bought the entry tickets for visiting the Burana Tower and the museum next to it.

Entry tickets for Burana Tower and the Museum

Some of the photos from the Burana Tower