Son Kul Lake

Next morning, got ready and packaed my luggage and asked the guest house owner to keep it in the luggage room. Driver arrived at the guest house, after having the breakfast, we started our journey to Son Kul.

Breakfast served in a yurt, I was not able to finish it, too much to eat.

The ascent revealed a beautiful scenery as we made our way up.

After two hours beautiful journey, we reached Son Kul and kept our bags in the Yurt.

Yurts, our stay for the day

We had tea and then we went for a walk to see the Son Kul Lake, also did horse ride for an hour.

I took some rest in the yurt and in evening I went again for a walk to Son Kul Lake.

In dinner we were served Laghman.

As the sun was setting, the temperature was dropping, and it was getting colder.

In the midnight, Kenta and I woke up to gaze at the stars in the night sky. Eager to witness the celestial display, we stepped outside of our yurt, where the stars were twinkling brightly, illuminating the darkness with their mesmerizing glow.

Stars in the night sky at Son Kul