Sunday Animal Market (Maal Bazaar), Karakol

Every Sunday a Maal Bazaar (Animal Market) is setup in Karakol, where people from nearby places come to buy and sell their animals. I went to see the Maal Bazaar, lot of sheeps, cattles and horses were up for sale.

Some of the photos that I took in Maal Bazaar

After spending an hour at the Maal Bazaar, it was time to have breakfast.

Manti (Dumplings filled with Beef and Onions)

Next I went to Pristan Przheval'sk beach on the Issyk Kul lake, took the Mashrutka from Karakol city as its 12 KM from the city.

After coming from the beach, I went to a local shop to eat Shawarma. The size of Shawarma is very big in Kyrgyzstan, I saw at many shops in Kyrgyzstan and yes the size was really big.

Shawarma (Stuffed with Beef, Tomatoes, Fried Potatoes and Sauces)

In evening I went to see Dungan Mosque in Karakol, prayed there. Beautiful mosque built by Chinese muslims.

Some of the photos from Dungan Mosque

Since most of the places in Karakol are at a walking distance, I explored the city on foot.

I ❤️ Karakol

Russian Orthodox Cathedral in Karakol built with wood