Altyn Arashan to Ak Suu in this Jeep

Next morning after getting ready, I went to nearby guest houses in search for transportation to Karakol for myself. I had already checked with the owner of the guest house where I was staying, he said it will take 9000 som for a ride to Karakol. But I was not convinced with pricing, it was way too much.

I managed to find a place in a Jeep which was going to Karakol, a family was going from Altyn Arashan to Karakol in a Jeep. I asked the lady If I can join them, I told them I can pay 4000 som, she agreed. She told me they will start from 9 AM.

After having breakfast at the guest house, we were ready to start our journey from Altyn Arashan. The road from Altyn Arashan is very bumpy. After 2 hours ride they dropped me at Ak Suu. There was a taxi, I paid 150 Som to taxi driver to drop me at the main square of Ak Suu, so that I can catch the Mashrutka 350 to Karakol.

By 11:30 AM I reached at the hostel, after having a good shower, I went to eat a Shawarma. Rest of the day, I just took rest and washed some clothes.

Shawarma again

It was good to see Indian tea in the supermarket, looks like wherever you go you will find Indian tea there.