Jadde Chalus, Road 59

Next morning I had to go to Chalus which is a city on the Caspian Sea in Mazandaran province.

So I went to Junoob bus terminal, to only find out that bus for Chalus leaves from Azadi Bus terminal and not Junoob bus terminal. Took a taxi from Junoob bus terminal to Azadi bus terminal, purchased the bus ticket. The bus goes through the beautiful Alborz mountains on Road 59, also called Jadde Chalus. Since it was March the Alborz mountains were snow capped.

The bus dropped me in Chalus on the main road, I had to go to Chalus beach. But I didn't know how to get there, one young man who was selling some vegetables around the road helped me get a Snapp taxi which dropped me to Chalus beach. The young man told me that he is turkish and belongs to Ardabil.

Spent some time walking on the beach, seeing the huge Caspian sea. Since it was afternoon very few people were there.

Next took a taxi to reach the Chalus bus terminal to catch a bus to Tehran. Since bus was going to depart after some time, and there was a taxi which was leaving early, got into the taxi to save time. One of the very beautiful journey I must say. Taxi driver dropped me near Azadi terminal, took the metro to reach my hostel.

I compiled a PDF of my Iran travel, you can Download Iran Travel Experience

Some of the photos from Jadde Chalus and Chalus beach