" Something good comes out of every crisis. "

Dave Pelzer

Travel during Covid-19

I wanted to go back to my hometown, but I was avoiding the risk of travelling during the virus outbreak. This was a last minute travel decision, just day before the lockdown in bangalore.

I had to decide the itinerary, which was not very easy this time. These were my options :

  1. Fly to New Delhi, and then take a cab from New Delhi to Sri Ganganagar
  2. Fly to Jaipur, and then take a cab from Jaipur to Sri Ganganagar
  3. Fly to Punjab (either Amritsar, Ludhiana or Chandigarh), and then take a cab from there to Sri Ganganagar
  4. Fly to Bikaner through New Delhi (no direct flights from bangalore), and then take a cab from Bikaner to Sri Ganganagar

Now add this to the situation, there was no entry into Rajatshan from any other state, unless you have an e-pass or you are travelling due to some emergency. I didn't had any e-pass and its definitely not very easy to prove that you are travelling due to some emergency. So option 1 and 3 were out of the picture, and I didn't wanted to travel in a cab for 8 hours from Jaipur (that too in night), so I selected the 4th option, and indeed this was the best route.

Travellers everywhere were nervous and worried about the ever-changing quarantine rules, with no exact information.

This message was a great sigh of relief.

As we got out of ATR 72-600, we were greeted with scorching heat of bikaner. I already had an Ola Outstation booked, so we were ready to hit the road. But before exiting the Bikaner airport, everyone had to fill one form and obviously temperature screening. IMHO, I don't believe in the accuracy of temperature screening and how much effective it is, to check for Covid-19.

Anyway we were on NH-62 around 2 PM, the driver was very good. We chitchat about politics, life, current covid-19 situation and its effect on everyone. The national highway was almost empty, we took two small breaks, one in Lunkaransar at a Petrol pump and another one at Arjansar to get some refreshment and strech our legs. I reached home around 6 PM.

Some of the pictures that I took.

And some of the declaration forms that I filled.

الحمد لله this one was a very different and stressful journey, but in the end it was a good one. 😊