" Its all about putting efforts. "


With Anurag and Zhe Wang at Topcoder India Regional Event 2017

Got a chance to compete in Topcoder India Regional 2017 SRM held at CoWrks, EcoWorld. CoWorks bangalore setup is really cool. So it was a Single Round Match (SRM) on Algorithms and I was doing it first time. You get three questions to solve (easy, medium and hard) in 2 hours.

Once the match starts you get so involved in solving the problem you don't even realize that 2 hours are over. I was not able to solve even the first problem I attempted. Mostly because I was not doing competitive programming from quite a time and it definitely requires more practice. Zhe got the first prize and Anurag was the second. Zhe is from China and holds good ranking on Topcoder. I was amazed to see that he solved all three problems along with some test cases and all of that in just 2 hours. Competing in a offline match was definitely a great experience.

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