" See any detour as an opportunity to experience new things. "

H. Jackson Brown, Jr.

With Naveen at Swiggy Hackathon

Swiggy hackathon was my first hackathon experience. Spent almost 2 days at Swiggy Office in IBC Knowledge Park. Hackathon started on 15 July morning and ended at next day evening. We had a tough time finalizing on the idea to present. Search feature on Swiggy website was not that good so we decided to propose a better search functionality which would be backed by Neo4j, the other idea we thought about is to implement VR which will give users a different experience while ordering food from Swiggy. But at the end we sticked to the first one.

So now we had to implement our idea and make it ready for presenting to judges. We implemented some part of what we initially thought. Next day we gave demo of what we had implemented, judges looked a bit impressed but we were not selected for next round. Even though we didn't won but it was definitely a good experience. Event was very well organised, food was awesome and eating peanut butter and bread at 2AM in morning while talking to another team implementing a chatbot were some of the good memories.

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