" Best friends make the good times better and hard times easier "

I don't know

From left to right : Pritish, Awanish, Prasoon, Sree, Harshita, Divya, Deepthi, Myself, Sharvari, Vardhan, Pradeepa

It was 29th Feb and it was time to leave edureka where I worked for almost a year and half. I learnt a lot while working in edureka, and I'm thankful for that but I knew I have to level up my game, so decided to leave.

Saying bye to my best buddies does bring a lot of heartache to me but thats life. The crap we did together, the bullshit talks, the tea breaks and how can I forget that horrendous webinar presentations that we used to make and those useless meetings. Last day was fun and It was probably my best day at edureka, I can't thank you enough and one last thing I will say is, no matter where you are you will always be in my thoughts and prayers and I mean it. Salaam(سلام) and be awesome

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