" The world is a book and those who do not travel read only one page "

St. Augustine

I came to bangalore in Sep. 2013, If my memory helps me here. Believe me I had very bad experience on very first day in the city. I was travelling in a BMTC bus with a luggage and I don't know what wrong I did that this bus conductor was shouting at me, like I did some crime by carrying a luggage. I said to myself OK bad things happen, its all good. I was feeling very sad and badly missing my home.

I didn't felt such homesickness in my entire life. It took me some time to accept bangalore. I started exploring different places and some new tea shops. As I started roaming around the city, it looked beautiful. Bangalore have best of both world, it have great mixture of both modern and rural life style. I was really amazed by the variety of dosa that can be made.

I found this line very funny but very true :

" Bangalore is a place where more people know Java than Kannada "

Its been almost 3 years now and I have explored almost all the corners of bangalore, but I know still much left to explore. I take random trips on a random day to explore random places around bangalore. The city have its own problem e.g. no footpath for pedestrian, trafiic that can make you think about doing suicide, garbage disposal, excessive honking, rain that can come at anytime and bullshit people who think that they are too technical. No matter what, bangalore is awesome If you have some patience.

If you know some awesome place around bangalore, please mention it in the comments below.