" What hurts you, blesses you. "


I worked in GE Healthcare for around 3 and half years. I was working in the IPM (Imaging Protocol Manager) team which is part of the broader MICT (Molecular Imaging & Computed Tomography) team.

GE sells CT, MRI, Xray, PET and Nuclear Medicine scanner machines. Using IPM, GE customers (any small/large hospital or imaging facility) can easily manage the protocols used during patient scans. You may ask what is a protocol? 💭 To simplify, a protocol defines all the settings that should be used during a patient scan e.g. Head Protocol will have the settings that are for head scan. Abdomen Protocol will have settings for abdomen scan.

Using IPM customers can also import these protocols from scanner device to the IPM cloud application. Bringing the protocols in the cloud app also gives the customers some extra features, helping radiologists in their work. You will find GE scanners and healthcare machines around you, some of the GE customers include Intermountain Healthcare, University of Wisconsin - Madison (UW Madison), MD Anderson, Radnet and the list goes on.

GE Healthcare have software teams in Waukesha, Bengaluru, Beijing, Hino and Haifa, working closely on product releases.

IPM supports multiple modalities e.g. CT, MR, PET, NM (Nuclear Medicine). I was working with the CT modality. IPM-CT have a lightweight Spring Boot agent which runs on every scanner. As of writing this, all the IPM-CT lambda functions were written in Node.js and the IPM UI was written using Angular. I was mainly working for the IPM cloud application, writing AWS Lambda functions and also working on the UI. There were separate cloud releases for China, USCAN (United States and Canada) and EU mainly because of different CT machines were used in different regions and different customer needs. And also because some of the AWS services were not available in China region. Any team at GE Healthcare which have a cloud application mainly uses AWS.

I had a great time working at GE Healthcare and as GE Healthcare becomes an independent company, things will change.

Here are some of the pictures ✌️