" Where there's tea there's hope "

Arthur W. Pinero

I belong to a family where basically everyone is a tea addict and especially my brother. Its hard for me to imagine my day without tea. In Ramadan what I miss the most, is my tea breaks. Ginger tea with some Cardamom is my favorite one. But I don't hesitate to sip lemon tea or basically any other tea.

Tea helps me in concentrating for long hours, changing the mood which makes me more productive. Usually I drink 6 cups/glasses of tea. But I don't actually count the number, it depends on how is my day. If its more hectic I will roll out more tea. Actually I can differentiate my tea intake in two types. Low Octane tea, its normal tea intake during the day to just refresh the mind or to just take a break and chill out with friends. If I get stuck somewhere in my work which requires a bit more dedication and concentration thats when I will take a High Octane tea.

Octane doesn't reflect the amount of Caffeine in the tea. So it doesn't mean that Low Octane is a light tea and High Octane is a strong tea. I enjoy Low Octane tea with my buddies and High Octane tea alone and I proudly say that I'm a tea addict because I think I'm.

If you know some awesome tea place, please mention it in the comments below.